His Dahlia - Alexx Andria

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Official Blurb:

Up until yesterday, my fun-loving life was good. Until all hell broke loose.
In a single day, my best friend and business partner threatened to fire me, I’d hit a stray dog with my car and the cute vet with the stunning eyes friend-zoned me on sight. Now my beloved BMW convertible is in the shop and I’ve become a reluctant dog owner.
The only bright spot? Meeting the sexy vet, Dr. Dahlia Kent. Although we’re opposite in every way and she’s clearly immune to my charm, it only makes me want her more.
If I were smart, I’d find a home for the dog, lose Dahlia’s number and get back to what I’m good at — looking for the easy win. But for some reason, I can’t seem to walk away from the dog — or her.  Am I ready for a big change? Or am I taking on more than I can handle?

My Thoughts:

I loved this story. It felt like a full-blown book, not just a short novella. We meet Beau when everything is going wrong for him, and he ends up at a vets with a dog that isn’t his.
The story builds up nicely, and the characters get to know one another slowly and naturally. There wasn’t a massive lightning bolt that you get in a lot of these books, but it was a gentle build-up. It felt genuine and honest.
I liked that Dahlia was immune to his charming ways, to begin with. I absolutely loved the inclusion of Hobbs. Although, I did want to slap Beau around the head, to begin with, because of the thoughts he was having about the dog! I wanted to jump in the pages and rescue Hobbs myself! He sounded adorable and so well-behaved!
Overall, a really beautiful and delightful read and a good inclusion for the May Flowers collaboration!

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His Dahlia
by Alexx Andria
Date Started
27th May 2019
Date Finished
27th May 2019
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