His Cherry Blossom - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

They say that as one door closes another opens. But when that door swung wide, I never expected the sinfully sexy flower that was hiding behind it.
I met her on a day I thought I’d want to forget, but she changed everything. The moment our eyes connected, my heart knew it was the beginning of something unexpected. But something I’d been waiting for, just the same.
It’s not the best timing, and she thinks I’m using her as a distraction from my grim reality, but she couldn’t be more wrong. The only thing I want is her, and I’ll do anything to make sure that happens. There’s no chance I’ll let her go. Not now. She needs to accept that this is the beginning of a blossoming love story.
Our story.

My Thoughts:

This is from the latest collaboration from The Flirt Club ‘May Flowers Series’, and is the first I have read so far.
It is very short and fast-paced, but as always Tracy Lorraine makes this work. Cherry and Warren meet by accident when a mistake is made, but you can feel the chemistry sizzling off the page from the moment their eyes meet. They have their ups and downs which keep you interested and invested in their story. Even though a back story isn’t provided for the characters, you feel like you get to know them well enough in this short space of time. Warren is going through some family heartache, and Cherry wants to be there for him for more than just a distraction.
The story develops at a nice pace, the characters are likeable, and you find yourself rooting for their happily ever after.
Overall, a really enjoyable read (as it always is from Tracy Lorraine) and I am looking forward to seeing what some of the other authors have to offer!

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His Cherry Blossom
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
12th May 2019
Date Finished
12th May 2019
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