His Cactus Flower - Rebecca Gallo

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Official Blurb:

Not too long ago, I was known as the bad boy of golf -- famous for my exploits on and off the green. But with my career on the line, I've been working hard to repair my reputation ... until I cross paths with Dixie Bell. After one night with Hollywood's "It" girl, she’s got me thinking about more than just sinking my next putt. I should stay far away, but beneath her prickly exterior is a kindred spirit. Could Dixie be my hole-in-one?
I've got a bad reputation, but most of what the tabloids say about me are lies. Which is why hooking up with a reformed bad boy like Gardener Campos is the last thing I need. But with his hard, lean body and Latin features, how can I stay away? Especially when it turns out he might just be the man I've always needed.

My Thoughts:

I’m never quite sure what I’m going to get with a Rebecca Gallo book, as I read one ok, one brilliant, then one just ok again. So I hoped there was a pattern and that this one would be brilliant. It was! The best I have read so far of the Mayflower series by the Flirt Club.
This was set out slightly differently as it starts off with news headlines and you feel like you are really getting a story about Dixie and Gardener. It is about two people coming together and overcoming past difficulties whilst in the public eye. They help each other and fall in love along the way.
It was brilliantly written, and the story developed along nicely, had its ups and downs (in terms of story).
I really liked the ending, as again this was slightly different and given to us via a news article. We get to find out what Dixie and Gardener were up to in the future, and it was nice not to have the usual babies and marriage ending.
I did wonder at one point how this fit into the May Flower series as there are only two mentions of Gardener wanting Dixie to ‘bloom’ again, however, I have just looked up Dixie’s full name ‘Dixie Bell’ and it is echinacea, so this was very subtle and very well done! Overall a five star read!

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His Cactus Flower
by Rebecca Gallo
Date Started
17th May 2019
Date Finished
17th May 2019
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