Her Second Death - Melinda Leigh

Reading Challenge Category: Free from Prime Reading

Official Blurb:

When a man is shot in the head, Bree Taggert and her new partner, veteran detective Dana Romano, respond to the call. They break the news to the victim’s ex-wife and learn the estranged couple’s five-year-old daughter was supposed to have been with him. What starts as a murder investigation quickly morphs into a desperate search for a missing child. The case stirs memories of Bree’s own traumatizing childhood. To find the little girl, Bree will have to relive her own terrifying past.

My Thoughts:

Hmmmm, for such a short read, there was a lot of scenery detail thrown in. I know the author was just trying to build an atmosphere and depict what the detectives were seeing, but I need quick and snappy for a book this short. I felt my mind wandering quite often as a lot of it held no relevance or importance. If this had been a full-blown length novel, I would have given up on it quite quickly. However, knowing that it was short and I’d be finished reading soon is the only thing that spurred me on.
The characters seemed quite interesting, and I believe this is a prologue into the Bree Taggert series. I could see this being an exciting series to read, but I don’t think the author’s writing style is for me, so I probably wouldn’t give it a go.
The best thing about the book is the outcome of the investigation. This is short and sweet and was actually quite well executed. I hadn’t guessed what was going on, and it was a pleasant surprise. So, overall, this passed 30 minutes of my time, and it wasn’t terrible, but it hasn’t encouraged me to pick up anything else by the author, unfortunately.

Her Second Death
by Melinda Leigh
Date Started
28th February 2022
Date Finished
28th February 2022