Her Last Move - John Marrs

Reading Challenge Category: A book you meant to read in 2018 but ran out of time

Official Blurb:

He hides in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment. Each kill is calculated, planned and executed like clockwork.
Struggling to balance her personal and professional life, young DS Becca Vincent has landed the biggest case of her career – and she knows that it will make or break her. But how can she identify one face in a sea of thousands? With the help of Police Super Recogniser Joe Russell, she strives to catch a glimpse of the elusive murderer, but he’s watching her every move.
Time is not on their side. The body count is rising, and the attacks are striking closer and closer to home. Can Becca and Joe uncover the connection between the murders before the killer strikes the last name from his list?

My Thoughts:

Another fantastic read from John Marrs, I’m savouring his books as I don’t want to devour them and then have none left! They really are a literary genius!
This story is fast-paced and keeps you guessing. You are getting to see what the killer is up to, how he is feeling, and what he is thinking, but you don’t know who he is. Leading us to believe that he is a character we have already met. He is very sadistic, and the scenes where the bodies are discovered are pretty gruesome. As Cara Hunter says on Amazon, “don’t read this in the dark”. I definitely agree with this; I had to keep reading just to get some of the images out of my head. I can’t imagine reading some of the parts just before sleep and not having nightmares!
There are gasp out loud moments, and wanting to cry moments too. Marrs drip-feeds you information, so you learn one piece of detail, and then a little bit more a few chapters later. There are so many twists and turns I lost count. I didn’t guess anything and was surprised by every turn. It truly was gripping.
The end petered out a little once you knew the outcome, and you are following Joe, the super-recogniser’s life. Nothing is left unsaid, and you do get the outcomes of everything hinted at or touched on, but I was expecting just a little bit more from the very end. This didn’t ruin the book in any way it just lost speed in the last two chapters.
I now only have ‘The Passengers’ left to read, and I’m itching to pick it up now and start it, but then I won’t have any of his left so I must show some restraint!

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Her Last Move
by John Marrs
Date Started
6th June 2019
Date Finished
8th June 2019
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