Her Brutal Tight End - Gigi Love

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Official Blurb:

They have a history. Only problem? He doesn't recognize her. A second chance, spicy sports romance!
I know I’m a jerk with women.
I lost track of my number years ago.
When you’re a college football player, you don’t have to work for it anymore.
But I never thought I’d be the guy who didn’t even recognize the girl he lost his virginity to.
Kit Bailey.
She was beautiful then and she is beautiful now.
I was a sweet kid when I knew her.
And now?
I’m just another asshole who tried to pick her up in a bar.
She has every right to hate me.
She doesn’t know what happened back then.
Why I just disappeared out of her life.
And for her sake, it’s better if I stay gone now.
But I can’t help but want to make her see me as that kid she knew again.
Even if for a minute.

My Thoughts:

This was an ok read. I’d class it as chewing gum for the brain!
The main plot was very unbelievable. If Brady felt that strongly about Kit back in school, how did he not recognise her? This just didn’t make sense, so it made the book and the characters hard to connect with.
Once the story gets going, it is a bit intriguing as something is hinted at with what happened to make Brady walk away the first time around. However, the reveal for this was a bit boring. I wanted more of a solid reason than this.
Maybe if the book had been longer, it would have made a better read as there would have been scope for character development and more drama to be included.
As it stands, the book was just ok. A three-star read from me.

Her Brutal Tight End
by Gigi Love
Date Started
19th January 2022
Date Finished
19th January 2022