Friend of the Family - Tasmina Perry

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Official Blurb:

She thinks your life is perfect. She thinks you don't deserve it.
Your job Amy is more than happy to offer the daughter of an old friend work experience at her London magazine. Josie is young and ambitious. She just needs a foot in the door.
Your home When Josie arrives, she swiftly makes herself indispensable at work and at home. And when childcare falls through before a long-awaited university reunion in Provence, it begins to look as if Josie may be staying longer than Amy had bargained for.
Your husband In the heat of Provence, Josie's presence starts to unsettle Amy, especially around her husband. As cracks begin to appear in Amy's perfect life, she cannot shake the feeling that the family friend may not be a friend at all...

My Thoughts:

I’ve been meaning to read a Tasmina Perry book for a very long time. I had a few of her books years ago but never got around to reading them, and I have no clue what happened to them! So, I was really excited when this one popped up on NetGalley; it was the perfect chance to give one of her books a try.
I’m afraid I was a little disappointed, though, it took me ages to actually get into this book. I felt a bit lost at the beginning as there were many references to the upper-class world, Oxford University, and the fashion and magazine industry which I just couldn’t follow.
However, once the story got going, it did grip me a little more. Especially, the 1995 sections. These gave an insight into the backstory of the majority of the characters, so they really padded out the story and enabled you to get to know the motives of everyone a little better.
The protagonist, Amy, was a little annoying. She went from zero to paranoid and insane within no time at all. For a high-flying professional woman, she didn’t handle everything that was thrown at her very well. I would have expected her to have finessed a little more decorum over the time she had been spending with the upper class, rich society. However, her paranoia was based on very little. I would have liked a little more suspicion to have been planted for her to get to the point she was at. She was acting crazy on very little.
The end of the book was probably the best as I thought I had it figured out but hadn’t and it took me completely by surprise. However, looking back over the book, the breadcrumbs were there. So, overall, it wasn’t a bad book it just could have been better, and I’d expected more from such a long-standing successful author. Maybe I went in with too high expectations. I might still give another of her older books a try at some point to see perhaps if it was just this one that didn’t quite hit the spot.

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Friend of the Family
by Tasmina Perry
Date Started
18th April 2019
Date Finished
20th April 2019
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