Forever at Last - Rebecca Norrine

Forever at last

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Official Blurb:

When my fiancé left me for his secretary, I thought my life was over. Thankfully, my sister refused to let me wallow in misery. When she dragged me to Dublin, I never expected to fall for a sexy rugby player with the body of a gladiator and the heart of a gentleman. All I’d wanted was to get over my ex; I never meant to fall in love.
For years I’d been the best fullback in the league, but an injury forced me to retire early. I’ve been walking around numb, wishing for something that would make me feel alive again. But when I met the brokenhearted beauty with a body made for sin, I wished for something different. Something that looked a lot like love.

My Thoughts:

I’m afraid this was my least favourite of the ‘Forever’ books that I’ve read. The story felt rushed, and I didn’t feel the chemistry between Ross and Gemma.
Gemma has only been single a few days before she sort of bumps into Ross in a hotel. There are no fireworks when they meet and not really any banter to base their newfound feelings on. It’s very much a whirlwind, but I would have thought Gemma would have been more cautious after what she’d been through, but there’s no such drama.
The ending was quite lovely, however, as it was a little different to the norm and it was nice to see them navigating their long-distance relationship.
This wasn’t a terrible book I just wasn’t feeling anything from the characters in comparison to the other 7 ‘Forever’ books I have read so far which had a lot more passion and believability in their stories.

This has now been rebranded and renamed. It is now called ‘Blind Sided’.

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Forever at Last
by Rebecca Norrine
Date Started
12th March 2019
Date Finished
12th March 2019
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