Forced to Bloom, Book 2 - Alexis Adaire

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Official Blurb:

BBW Rachel Malinsky wasn't used to hearing a man say he adored her curvy body, much less being called "voluptuous" and "adorable." But if the mysterious billionaire alpha male she knew only as M really found her that attractive, why did he prefer to remain hidden behind a computer screen while he sent her out in public dressed provocatively, ordering her to display her body to complete strangers? Would she ever be allowed to meet M face-to-face? And most importantly, why did she find herself so attracted to him?

My Thoughts:

This is the second in the series, and once again, it is only about 35 pages long. It carries on straight from where we left Rachel last time, having just started as a submissive to M.
Their relationship progresses a little more when he asks her to do some risky things for him. We are once again left wanting more by the end. I’m not sure why these books are broken up over six books. There seems to be a recap at the beginning of each one as well, which is great if it has been a while before picking up the next. However, if it hasn’t been long, it just seems like a waste of words.
I wasn’t sure I would get to read the rest of this series as for what is effectively a 245 book (over the six books) would cost £11.55 to read. Luckily, I renewed my Kindle Unlimited membership, and they are a part of that, as that price seems excessive for such a small ‘book’.
I like this author’s work, but I just can’t fathom why it is set over six books. Was it simply to make more money?
Anyway, regardless of that, I enjoyed this second instalment and having downloaded all of the rest of them, I will be working my way through quite quickly.

Forced to Bloom, Book 2
by Alexis Adaire
Date Started
31st October 2021
Date Finished
31st October 2021