Forced to Bloom, Book 1 - Alexis Adaire

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Official Blurb:

Rachel Malinsky wasn't certain the ad she was responding to was actually placed by a billionaire. Nor did she know if this man would be interested in her very curvy body. Hell, she wasn't even sure she even wanted to be a submissive to begin with. From the moment he started instructing her to do things that terrified her, though, such as stripping for him on video or exposing a breast in public, she was hooked. Now if she only knew who he was or what he looked like…
Forced to Bloom is a sizzling romance that engages the mind as well as arouses passion. A BBW discovers the self-confidence she's always lacked when she decides to submit her curves to the control of a rich, powerful man she's never even met.

My Thoughts:

Well, this was a very short and racy book! With only 38 pages, there is a lot of story crammed in, and you really get the beginning of what I can imagine is going to be a steamy series.
We don’t get to know much about Rachel and M, other than what goes on in their sex lives and what they are expecting from one another.
This was unlike anything I’d ever read before and made it all that more intriguing. Rachel is looking for a bit of sexual excitement in her life and has taken to Craigslist to see if anything titillates her fancy! When she comes across M’s advert, she knows she must do anything it takes to be selected for the ‘job’!
I hadn’t realised the same characters would have their story told over six books, so I wondered where it was going towards the end, and then it said ‘to be continued’, and I realised this was just the beginning.
I was really gutted when the story ended, and I wanted to pick the next one up straight away. Unfortunately, I have other reading commitments, so I think I will have to ration myself to one book a month to finish off my reading for the month with a nice short story.
This was a great read, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next for Rachel and M.

Forced to Bloom, Book 1
by Alexis Adaire
Date Started
30th September 2021
Date Finished
30th September 2021