Fatal Fury - Miranda Rijks

Fatal fury

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Official Blurb:

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official blurb for this prequel to the Pippa Durrant series. This is given away for free by the author on her website:

My Thoughts:

This a very short prequel to the three Pippa Durrant stories. It shows us her life where she was working for the police in the past and how her discontent with that life was bred. There have been references to these past experiences in the three fully-blown books, so it was nice to read this first hand. Flo is also alive and present in this novella!
It is very fast-paced as it is only short and covers Pippa having to go against her superiors to help a woman in need and whose life is being threatened. We aren’t given any real detail into the whys and wheres of what is happening. The police investigation is secondary to what is going on with Pippa.
Overall, it was a pleasant and satisfactory addition to the Pippa Durrant series. You can get a free copy of this book here:

Fatal Fury
by Miranda Rijks
Date Started
28th July 2019
Date Finished
28th July 2019