Falling for the Forbidden - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

Craving her was wrong.
Loving her was forbidden.
She was innocent and untouchable—too good for a man like me.
But I caved to my desire.
I had her, and I made her mine.
We disregarded the warnings and followed our hearts, forgetting one thing:
Love was never meant to be that easy. And a love like ours was never meant to exist.

My Thoughts:

Finally, we get BJ’s story! We met BJ back in the ‘Falling’ series, he was a peripheral character who is up for fun and a good laugh, but we don’t really get to know him.
It doesn’t say it, but I am assuming this book is a prequel to his story as he is still living at home, and none of the other characters that we had met were mentioned. It is his back story. This did disorientate me a little as I had expected it to follow on where we left him in ‘Falling for Liam’.
The chemistry between Ben (BJ) and Lauren is absolute and unequivocal; it bounces off the page. You want to cry when Lauren cries, you want to hug Ben every time Lauren sees him, you want to be loved the way they love each other (fortunately for me I am!).
I knew this story would be in three parts, but I didn’t want this book to end, I wanted to carry on living in the book with them, so I was gutted when it ended, and I am desperate for more. I was even getting in from a night out last night looking forward to picking up the book and carrying on, only to remember I’d finished it earlier on in the day, gutted!
This is definitely one of Tracy Lorraine’s best books, and her writing is maturing and developing undeniably.
I am so excited to read the next two instalments.

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Falling for the Forbidden
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
3rd June 2019
Date Finished
3rd June 2019
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