Falling for the Enemy - Dana Grace

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Official Blurb:

Can someone else’s vindictive nature get you everything you’ve ever wanted?
All I want is to just go about my business. But this sale and competing with Davis is sending my stress levels through the roof. Now apparently he has a health program and his receptionist has to have personal training—with me? Something’s not right here. Davis wants this building, and he’s likely to do whatever it takes. I don’t trust him or anyone who works for him. I can’t afford to!
I’m so grateful to have a job that provides accommodation, so when my boss tells me I have to enrol in his health program I’m not stirring trouble. It makes little sense though. He despises the owner of the gym and he’s doing everything in his power to get that building, but I have to have personal training sessions with him? I don’t want to get involved in any of this.

My Thoughts:

This is the second in the Baxter Valley Brothers series. In this instalment, we get to know Sean, a former military man and friend of Lucas that we met in the previous book.
He is still overcoming all that he has been through and has some emotional wounds still to heal. He is running a successful gym which is where he meets Laura. Can she be the one to rebuild his trust, or is she just there to destroy him?
Laura is also escaping a dark past, and she is hoping Baxter Valley is the place for a fresh start. Unfortunately, she finds herself in a tricky situation with her new boss. Can she turn to Sean for help, or will the trust just not be there?
These are both lovely and sweet characters, and you find yourself wanting the best for them. I enjoyed their story but maybe not quite as much as I did Lucas and Tiffany’s in the previous book. I think it may have been the overarching storyline that had me a little confused and distracted me from any chemistry brewing. You are thrown right in during the first page of the book and don’t really know what is going on or who is who, so this set me off a little befuddled before I even began. However, the main source of confusion for me was what Laura was being asked to do. It felt a little rushed and not very well planned out. It took some time for it to become clear what was really going on. For a 47-page book, there isn’t time to get lost in the plot; you need to have things relatively straightforward and be able to be swept away by it. There was just something a little jarring about the flow.
Overall, not a bad read for a short story, and it does still get a good solid four stars; it just wasn’t the best in the series (which doesn’t say much as there has only been two!). I’m looking forward to the next Baxter male!

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Falling for the Enemy
by Dana Grace
Date Started
31st August 2021
Date Finished
31st August 2021
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