Falling For Nicole (Angel Book 8) - Tracy Lorraine

Falling for nicole

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Official Blurb:

Hate is easy. Love takes courage.
My life is sweet. I work hard, party harder, surf whenever the hell I want and get any woman I desire. It can’t get any better.
Then my worst enemy moves to town.
I’ve hated her from as early as I can remember, and now she’s taunting me once again.
Or tempting me?
It seems the girl who plagued my younger years is now a woman I can’t get out of my head.
I’m falling for my childhood enemy.
Nothing good can come of this, or can it?

My Thoughts:

Hallelujah, she finally got a decent proofreader! I only spotted three typos throughout this book, so that was a massive improvement on the last seven books, at last!!
However, the story itself wasn’t brilliant this time around. I’d been looking forward to this book as well as I had been asked to be an ARC reader but didn’t have the time when it was due to be released. When the author sent the ARC email out, she said that this book was close to her heart and that she was really excited for its release, which in turn got me excited for it. This is one of the reasons I have worked my way through the back catalogue of the Angel books.
I just feel like the last two books have lost their spark, and both relationships have been forced. I could see this relationship being thrust upon us during Lilly’s book. They ‘hated’ each other too much. However, we aren’t given any reason for why they hated each other than they didn’t really. It just didn’t make sense as they REALLY hated each other or so we were made to believe at the beginning of the book. It would have been better if they had just not liked each other instead of going for the HATE as that is such a strong emotion. I suppose they do say there is a fine line between love and hate, but I felt like that was being stretched a bit in this book.
Also, Declan’s 180-degree turn on his opinions to what he wanted out of life and how quickly it happened, just didn’t flow as well as some of the other stories have done.
Hmmm it’s left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth I’m afraid which is such a shame as there is only one more book left in the series (which hasn’t been released yet) and I just feel like (typos aside) they have just gone downhill fast. It’s like the author hasn’t quite managed to find the right balance between full-on sex scenes which were a bit over the top in Molly book two and trying to tell a story but not quite getting the chemistry right in these later books.

This book has now had a bit of an overhaul; it has a new cover and even a new title. It is now called 'Falling for Declan'.

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Falling For Nicole
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
29th October 2018
Date Finished
31st October 2018
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