Every Vow You Break - Peter Swanson

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Official Blurb:

After a whirlwind, fairytale romance, Abigail Baskin marries freshly-minted Silicon Valley millionaire Bruce Lamb.
For their honeymoon, he whisks her away to an exclusive retreat at a friend's resort off the Maine coast on Heart Pond Island. But once there, Abigail's perfect new life threatens to crash down around her as she recognises one of their fellow guests as the good looking, charismatic stranger who weeks earlier had seduced her at her own Bachelorette party...

My Thoughts:

When I first started reading this, I had to check the genre as it wasn’t feeling to thrillery! It felt very contemporary as we were getting a woman’s account of how many men she had slept with. We are taken on a brief journey of her past and how one man led to the other until we are up to date and she is with the man she is planning on marrying.
So, to begin with, the book did feel as if it were plodding slightly, but I persevered after reading some of the other reviews and double-checking the genre too. I knew something wasn’t as it seemed, so I kept reading.
I’m so glad I did, as the book really takes a sinister turn once Abigail and Bruce are on their honeymoon. Like Abigail, it is hard to pinpoint what is wrong with the situation and this perfect paradise her husband has taken her to. Is it the lack of women, the overfamiliarity of some of the guests, or is it merely her past coming back to haunt her?
As the book progresses, I found my heart beating faster and faster. I sensed the danger, and it was utterly thrilling! Just what I’d wanted when I picked up this book. I didn’t guess any of what would happen, and my heart was in my mouth towards the end.
However, there was a slight stagnant section during all the drama; when she is hiding out, this just seemed too long, and you wanted more drama to keep the pace up.
However, overall this was a fantastic and hair-raising read that has its ups and downs but is well worth the read.

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Every Vow You Break
by Peter Swandon
Date Started
19th February 2021
Date Finished
20th February 2021
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