Duplicity - Sibel Hodge

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Official Blurb:

There are three sides to every story: Yours. Mine. And the truth…
Max and Alissa have a fairy tale life—newlywed, madly in love and enviously rich. Then Max is brutally stabbed to death at their home and Alissa, miraculously, escapes with her life. But why was she spared?
The hunt for the killer begins, uncovering a number of leads—was Max’s incredible wealth the motive? Had his shady business practices finally caught up with him? Or was it a stalker with a dangerous obsession?
Devoted friends rally around gentle, sweet Alissa as she is left to mourn the loss of her husband and pick up her life. But not everyone is who they seem…Deep-rooted jealousies, secrets and twisted love lie just beneath the surface, and not all fairy tales have a happy ending.

My Thoughts:

After having read some of the later books involving Detective Warren Carter, I decided I needed to go right back to the beginning. Duplicity, I believe, is the first book that he appears in.
My husband read ‘Duplicity’ while I was reading ‘Their Last Breath’. He was raving about it, and I was doing the same about the one I was reading! I’m not sure if he built it up too much, though, as I was slightly let down by it when comparing it to ‘Their Last Breath’. I felt there were a lot of repetitions, and the story could have moved forward quicker without them. When DS Carter discovers something, and we are there along for the ride with him, we know what is going on. However, when he relays the information to a colleague later on in the story, he does so in detail when a simple ‘he told them what he had discovered’ would suffice. This happened quite a few times, and I found myself getting a little bored from the reiterations.
The book did redeem itself, though, with the twists. They aren’t kept to the end, but instead, they creep up and tap you on the shoulder and shout boo when you are least expecting them. The storyline itself was also superb and captivating. It is for these reasons the books gets a solid four stars.
At first, I thought there were quite a few similarities in the story to ‘Their Last Breath’ in part one; the woman surviving an attack and having no family and a DI not allowing the police to investigate a certain line of enquiry. However, once truly into the story, I realised these were the only similarities, and it was a very different tale and went in a completely original direction.
Once I knew what was going on in part two, it was easy to figure out what was going to happen and why. Or so I thought as this is Sibel Hodge and nothing is as it seems!
An exciting, enthralling and shocking read. Despite the few moments of boredom, I did feel that this was a brilliant story, and I really enjoyed reading it. Now I need to catch up with Mitchell’s story that I met in ‘Into the Darkness’.

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by Sibel Hodge
Date Started
6th October 2019
Date Finished
7th October 2019
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