Dirty Little Secret Santa - Alexis Adaire

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Official Blurb:

All Callie wanted for Christmas was a good man.
All Grayson wanted was a good woman.
Luckily, they were both on Santa's "Nice" list.
But if they don't quit ignoring the obvious and let Santa's magic work, they might never get together.
Looks like Santa will have to dig deep into his bag to pull off this very special Christmas gift.

My Thoughts:

So this was a bizarre and surreal read sprinkled with a bit of magic.
Callie and Grayson both meet a very realistic looking Santa in the run-up to Christmas and allude to the fact that they want to meet someone.
From there a series of extraordinary events happen, bringing these two complete strangers together. Is it coincidence or is Santa sprinkling some Christmas magic?
It is an entertaining and quick read, only 41 pages long. So we didn’t get to know a lot about the characters as there is too much else going on to really worry about the ins and outs to their lives. That doesn’t stop us feeling for them and rooting for them to get together. For their worlds to collide and to find the right partner in each other.
A fun and festive read, although I’m a little unsure about the indoor snowflake!

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Dirty Little Secret Santa
by Alexis Adaire
Date Started
26th September 2019
Date Finished
26th September 2019
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