Defy You - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

I hated her defiance...
But it made me want her even more.
Her brother was my friend... and my boss. She was off limits.
Kassie Fox.
From the first moment she looked in my direction, I knew she would be mine.
It's impossible to stay away.
I'm breaking all the rules... and shattering the golden rule I live by.
Never trust a woman. Ever.
The more she pushes, the more I pull. We're the same. I know what she needs.
And I'm about to prove that she can trust one man. Her man. Me.
Will her defiance land her in my bed or out of my life for good?

My Thoughts:

I do like the Rebel Ink world that Tracy Lorraine has created. It’s got a lot of edge, and the storylines are really gritty and sometimes scary.
The author doesn’t hold back in the descriptions of some of the events. I honestly felt like I was reading one of my crime novels with the graphic content and depictions.
Kas was really spunky and exciting; she seemed very different from when we met her in book one of the series. However, this is explained throughout the story rather than just being a complete change of personality. I would have liked to know a little more about Spike like is that his real name, and did we ever learn his surname? I know this is only a small thing, but it would have personalised him a little more.
I really flew through this book. I knew when the big thing went down about 50% of the way in that this wouldn’t be the end of the drama. We still had a half a book left to go. It really doesn’t let up, and I was gripped.
I like that we get to see the other characters that we have spent time with, in the previous books. We only get snippets of them, but it’s enough to know that they are still there.
I’m looking forward to D’s book and ‘Inked’ that is a collaboration of this story and another world the author is taking part in.
I’m not that into tattoos personally but reading these books makes me want to visit a tattoo parlour just to soak up the atmosphere and world that I feel like I’ve been a part of, anyway, in these books.
Another great read from Tracy Lorraine. I’m also happy that I’ve just read another of her books that didn’t have the cheesy ending and was instead fitting to the characters.

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Defy You
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
3rd October 2020
Date Finished
5th October 2020
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