Dear Phoney Fiance - Alexx Andria

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Official Blurb:

Cara Harris is smart, funny, insanely beautiful -- and not looking for anything remotely serious. Once I explain my messed-up situation -- that I need a fake girlfriend to get back at my soul-sucking ex -- she's more than willing to help me out.
The plan is going great, except my feelings are getting real. And hers? I have no effing clue. What happens when it's time to go our separate ways? Because one thing is for sure -- I'm not ready to say good-bye.

My Thoughts:

I was a bit unsure about this book, to begin with, as it didn’t follow the same formula as the others in the collaboration. Grace’s matchmaking service ‘What the Heart Wants’ requires the matches she has made to write to one another without any personal details. However, in this book, it was just a regular online dating site, so the magic that Grace offered was lost a bit.
However, once I got to know the characters, it was a charming and romantic take on the Matchmaker series. Cara and Jace have both been hurt in the past and aren’t interested in finding love. Cara’s friends set her up on the dating site, and she has to go on a fake date with Jace. She isn’t aware, at first, though, that he doesn’t want to date either.
Jace needs a fake date for a wedding. They decide to date beforehand inadvertently to get to know one another, but is this a dangerous game? Will one of both get hurt?
I liked that there wasn’t the usual baby at the end cliche. It ended perfectly for the couple that we had gotten to know. So I was delighted with the ending.
The typos that I mentioned in ‘Her Sexy Cheerleader’, also written by this author, were still commonplace. However, I did begin to wonder whether some of them were a cultural difference in language use. Many of the times, words are missing, but maybe the author writes as she speaks. It was words like ‘Egad’ and “slid’ instead of ‘slide’ that made me realise it might be Americanisms. So I decided, even though I stumbled over them, to just let them be and not get as annoyed as I had with the previous book.
Overall, a great, fast-paced, romantic love story with, of course, the obligatory blush moments.

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Dear Phoney Fiance
by Alexx Andria
Date Started
11th November 2019
Date Finished
11th November 2019
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