Dear Mr Right Now - Kim Lorraine

Dear mr right now

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Official Blurb:

Let’s get married …. right now!
I stand to inherit enough money to make me one of the richest men in St. Louis.
  There's just one catch.
I have to get married by Valentine's Day.
With two weeks until my deadline, I turn to a matchmaker for help.
I don't want a gold digger. I want a wife.
The moment I meet my match, I realize Rosie is everything I want.
I know I should tell her why I need to get married stat, but I'm falling hard for this woman, and I can't bear the idea of her marrying me for money.
I might need a wife right now, but I want Rosie forever.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this! For a short story, it packed in backstories, drama, heartbreak, love and a happily ever after!
I decided to read this as I love all of Tracy Lorraine’s books, and I know she does collaborations with other authors, this being one of them. So I wanted to see if I enjoyed the others as much and I can say with this book I did!
I’m not a big lover of meet someone and get married within days, but this story gave that a purpose. Ben HAD to get married and quick otherwise he’d lose a fortune. When I first read the blurb, I was expecting a self-entitled jerk to play the protagonist, but his lovely personality and down-to-earth attitude took me by surprise. Rosie was lovely as well, and they both deserved the happy ever after!

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Dear Mr Right Now
by Kim Lorraine
Date Started
3rd February 2019
Date Finished
3rd February 2019
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