Dear Mr Maybe - Dori Lavelle

Dear mr maybe

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Official Blurb:

I’m not a one-woman kind of guy. Relationships are complicated, and I don’t do complicated. I prefer to go where lust takes me.
But my brothers think it’s time for me to slow down, to get into the world of dating. They sign me up for a matchmaking service behind my back. I tell myself their plan to make me fall in love won’t work.
Then I meet Ellie Summers, my potential match.
  From the first kiss, the woman unravels my heart in ways I can’t explain. She makes me question who I am and what I really want.
I want her.
For the first time in my life, I’m not afraid of complications.
Ellie is as beautiful as she’s damaged, and right now her son is her only priority. There’s no place in her life for a man. Or is there?
How could I resist a challenge wrapped in a pretty package?
My son and I live in our own little world. Each day is the same as the last. No surprises. No opportunities for us to get hurt again.
Then I receive a letter from a matchmaking company. It’s addressed to me, but I didn’t sign up for love. Love broke me once and I’m still picking up the pieces of my broken life.
But when I get a glimpse of Caleb LaClaire’s face, something inside me shifts. His eyes alone pull me right in. When we finally meet, I find myself learning to feel again.
This can’t be happening. Fairytales are not for girls like me. Or are they?

My Thoughts:

This wasn’t my favourite of the matchmaker books that I have read but not the worst. I’d liked in the others that the couples had to get to know each other by letter before they could meet. Looks and details didn’t come into it until they met.
In this book, however, they have sent photos and real names straight from the start. The attraction between Caleb and Ellie doesn’t seem to be based on anything other than looks. They know from one very brief letter that the other sounds interesting, yet nothing of significance is said to elicit these emotions. It is simply because they are matched and find each other attractive that they decide to fall in love.
The background story of Ellie and her son is only really what keeps this book unique and interesting as it gave some grit to the story.

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Dear Mr Maybe
by Dori Lavelle
Date Started
9th February 2019
Date Finished
9th February 2019
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