Dear Future Husband - Angel Devlin

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Official Blurb:

Ella Cassidy is looking for love, so when she hears about Grace Graham’s dating service ‘What the Heart Wants’ where you handwrite love letters to your potential suitor, she’s eager to start.  She’s so in, she starts her letter ‘Dear Future Husband’. But there’s an error that leads to Ella getting letters from TWO potential suitors. One’s letters are the romance she’s dreamed of, the other’s letters are, well, just so darn… DIRTY.
Ella’s roommate, Finn, tells her she’s bound to end up on a date with a 6-stone, pasty-faced, serial killer. But are Finn’s concerns just for Ella’s safety, and are the suitors who she thinks…

My Thoughts:

I’d said I was done with this series, but I couldn’t resist reading another. I had six to choose from that I haven’t read. The blurb for this one was the most enticing, and especially now I have sampled some of this author’s work and enjoyed it, so it made it the right choice.
I wasn’t disappointed; the story was so well developed and really drew you in. It was different from the other books in the fact that Grace had allowed an outside influence into her matchmaking. It was also a little longer which gave room for character development and background stories. This really helps you invest and care for the characters.
Ella really puts herself out there in her letters being brave enough to admit she is looking for a husband, which would scare most men off. The letters she gets from her two suitors are polar opposites making her choice between the two really difficult. However, there is a little surprise about the letters she is receiving. This was obvious from the reader’s point of view, and he did put a few little tidbits in there to give her clues as well.
It had an adorable ending which could have gone so wrong. I really enjoyed this, and I think it was my favourites of this series, so I’m glad I gave another my time!

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Dear Future Husband
by Angel Devlin
Date Started
21st March 2019
Date Finished
21st March 2019
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