Dark Angel - V.C. Andrews

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Official Blurb:

In her grandmother’s fine, labyrinthine Boston house, Heaven Leigh Casteel dreams of a wonderful new life of new friends, the best schools, beautiful clothes, and most important, love. She is determined to make the Casteel name respectable, find her long-lost brothers and sisters, and have a family again.
But even in the world of the wealthy, there are strange forebodings, secrets best forgotten. And as Heaven reaches out for love, she is slowly ensnared in a sinister web of cruel deceits and hidden passions.

My Thoughts:

I had planned to wait a while before reading the second book; however, the first in the series invoked such strong emotions from me I just couldn’t wait to pick this up and start devouring it. This is the second in the Casteel Family Saga. This time we see Heaven taking on a more sophisticated and complicated life. She has gone to live with her wealthy grandparents in Boston. It is full of dark secrets and mystery, and there is no let-up in the story, and it propels forward at quite a speed.
This isn’t the best book in the series, but it is still superb. It starts to unveil things that have shaped Heaven’s past and will also affect her future, so it needs to be read as part of the series. Heaven is trying to hold onto her dark past that we saw unfold in book one. However, it is only her that is living with ghosts; the rest of her family have accepted their circumstances and are trying to move on.
Reading this again with a more critical eye, I did see some flaws and a few minor plot holes. I know what the children, especially Heaven, endured in book one was harrowing and very upsetting, but I felt, this time reading, that she should have been able to move on. She has landed herself in a very enviable and fortunate position at Tatterton house, and she doesn’t relish in it enough. She does, however, act very entitled. It’s as if, because of her history, she thinks she should be treated as special, and this gives her an air of arrogance that wasn’t part of her personality before.
I was getting a little annoyed with the inconsistency of Heaven’s age. I know she said she was a year younger than she was, but sometimes she would refer to herself as sixteen and others as eighteen. Tony would sometimes refer to her as fifteen. So it ranged over four years when it should have just been a year’s discrepancy.
Nevertheless, I did very much enjoy reading the carry on to the story; however, I had forgotten most of what was to come, especially the ending with Tom. It still left me with the feeling of revisiting past memories, as I have read this book so many times. It is still a great addition to the saga despite the few gripes I have had with it this time around.

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Dark Angel
by V.C. Andrews
Date Started
21st November 2019
Date Finished
23rd November 2019
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