Daisy Darker - Alice Feeney

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Official Blurb:

Daisy Darker’s family were as dark as dark can be, when one of them died all of them lied and pretended not to see.
Daisy Darker is arriving at her grandmother’s house for her eightieth birthday. It is Halloween, and Seaglass – the crumbling Cornish house perched upon its own tiny private island – is at one with the granite rocks it sits on. The Darker family haven’t all been in the same place for over a decade, and when the tide comes in they’ll be cut off from the rest of the world for eight hours. When the tide goes back out, nothing will ever be the same again, because one of them is a killer.

My Thoughts:

This was fantastic!
I read this at the same time as a friend was reading it, which really made it feel like an event was happening. It made the book seem more epic in a way.
It is pretty slow to get into, and I had to encourage my friend that she would be hooked by about 20%. It got to this point for me, and I just didn’t want to put it down. It then doesn’t let up, it is constantly moving, and you are reading faster than you ever thought possible to find out what on earth is happening.
Around the 50% mark, I had a theory, and I had to go back through the book I’d already read to see if I was right. It looked like I was until a little later when my theory was blown out of the water. However, I was shocked at the end when I found I was right after all, and it made me rethink how the events that made me doubt myself could have been played out with a different mindset. It was all brilliantly done.
The book is very sad and poignant but gripping and thrilling at the same time. I had no idea how all of Daisy’s family were winding up dead, and the big reveal was just brilliant.
This is, without a doubt, a solid five-star read, and I highly recommend it.

Daisy Darker
by Alice Feeney
Date Started
2nd August 2022
Date Finished
6th August 2022