Cowboy’s Touch - Dori Lavelle

Reading Challenge Category: A catch-up Flirt Club book

Official Blurb:

When I discover the dark side of being in the limelight, I return to Paulson, Montana, to lick my wounds in private.
When the locals of my hometown turn their backs on me, I walk into the arms of the man I left behind to chase fame in Nashville, Tennessee.
A lot has changed, but not Spencer Pride’s love for me. He’s ready and willing to piece me back together, to make me feel good in a way only he can.
I still love him. I never stopped. But what will happen when the storm passes and Nashville comes calling again?
Am I ready to give up my singing career for Spencer and embrace life in a small town, or will we part ways for good this time?

My Thoughts:

This was a lighthearted and quick read.
It had a great side story, so the sex scenes aren’t the main focus. The scandal happening to Erin gave the story a gritty feel, and it was a great addition. You really feel as if you get to know Erin. However, Spencer still remained somewhat of an enigma. The soft, gentle sides to the story were very well written, and you could really feel the longing between the couple.
Some of the dialogue was a little twee, sometimes they sounded a bit too robotic or perfect, and it didn’t flow as well as it could have.
The ending was great; it wasn’t the usual cliched ending but was befitting to the story we had read.
Overall, a great read and a fantastic addition to the Cowboy series by the Flirt Club.

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Cowboy's Touch
by Dori Lavelle
Date Started
2nd April 2020
Date Finished
2nd April 2020
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