Cowboy’s Fantasy - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

Time to saddle up!
There’s a ranch full of guests about to descend for the full Montana cowboy experience and due to a family emergency, I’ve had to take over.
I’m frustrated until a shy little English cowgirl appears, telling me she’s the new housekeeper.
The moment our eyes lock, it’s clear that my summer’s just taken a turn for the better.
Seems it’s time to embrace my surroundings and enjoy the ride.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this fun story of Woody and Jessie. As Tracy Lorraine mentions in her acknowledgements, she had fun creating these characters based on Toy Story, and this really came across. It’s made me want to rewatch the films and finally get around to seeing the latest one! It was light-hearted and amusing. Jessie was a really likeable character, and her innocence was endearing. Sometimes the virgin angle can go so wrong and end up being a bit sleazy, but it was covered perfectly in this book.
Woody had to grow on you a little as he is very gruff and abrupt, to begin with, but when he starts to thaw, you really feel the chemistry between him and Jessie. The story was well-developed, and you got enough drama and back story to draw you in and make it feel like it was a much longer book than it was.
The ending was just perfect, it didn’t follow the standard rules and cliches, and I liked it! They get their happy ever after without it being pushed too much in your face they are simply just blissful, and that is enough.
Overall, an excellent and splendid read!

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Cowboy's Fantasy
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
12th August 2019
Date Finished
12th August 2019
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