Chasing the Dead - Tim Weaver

Reading Challenge Category: First book in a series that I wanted to go back and start

Official Blurb:

Mary's son Alex went missing.
A year later he's found dead.
But now, she sees him, walking in the street.
Alex's life is not the innocent one his mother believed.
Buried in his past are secrets that are never meant to be found.
And some things are far worse than death . . .

My Thoughts:

Having delved into Tim Weaver's gripping David Raker series from book ten onwards, I made the decision to backtrack and explore the series from its inception. Though my expectations were somewhat tempered by my mother-in-law's lukewarm reception of "Chasing the Dead," I must confess that I found myself pleasantly surprised. While this initial instalment may not reach the heights of its successors, it still serves as a compelling foundation for the enthralling detective series.
Set against the backdrop of Raker's early days as a detective, "Chasing the Dead" showcases a protagonist who is yet to fully find his footing after the devastating loss of his wife. It is within this vulnerable state that Raker's actions often left me perplexed. His decision-making occasionally veered towards the inexplicable, and he made repeated mistakes, placing himself in mortal danger. Admittedly, this aspect of the narrative left me scratching my head sometimes.
Nonetheless, the inaugural novel of the series, "Chasing the Dead", delivers an engaging and satisfying start. It introduces us to the complex character of David Raker and piques our curiosity about the journey he will embark upon in subsequent books. Weaver's writing style remains consistently captivating, immersing readers in a world of suspense and intrigue.
While the plot may not possess the same intricacies and intricately woven layers that I have come to appreciate in the later books, it still holds its own with a well-paced and intriguing storyline. Weaver's ability to create a sense of tension and maintain a gripping atmosphere is evident even in this early work.
In hindsight, I can confidently state that I would have been inclined to continue reading even if "Chasing the Dead" had been my introduction to the series. The potential for character growth and the promise of more sophisticated narratives in subsequent books have me eagerly anticipating diving into the rest of the series.
In conclusion, while "Chasing the Dead" may not reach the heights of its successors, it remains a solid start to Tim Weaver's David Raker series. As Raker finds his footing as a detective, we are treated to a captivating story that, despite its flaws, sets the stage for an enthralling journey. For fans of the series, this first book serves as a testament to the author's evolving talent, and I am genuinely excited to catch up with all the other books in the series.

Chasing the Dead
by Tim Weaver
Date Started
17th May 2023
Date Finished
20th May 2023