Chasing Temptation - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

Not all lessons can be learned in a classroom.
I went back to school to make something of myself—it was all about me. Until her...
My teacher. One look in those sad eyes and every other reason for being in that classroom is erased. She’s lost. That much is obvious. Damn if I didn’t want to be the one to find her, to hell with rules.
I wasn’t expecting to fall so hard and fast. Her struggle to discover who she’s meant to be stirs something inside me.
When her past threatens to destroy what we have, I’ll do what it takes to keep her safe... and make her mine.

My Thoughts:

When I read the first instalment for this back in December, I felt like I would have to wait what felt like years for the conclusion. Even though the time has dragged waiting for it to come around, I am so happy to have been able to read this finally and be writing this review! We finally get Joe’s voice in this book; it was like hearing velvet! I’m not one for swooning over a book guy, but Joe, I don’t know, he’s just something special (let’s just hope my husband doesn’t read this review!)
I quite like a diverse range of genres in my reading life and when I first started reading this, I had to keep reminding myself what I was reading as I felt like I’d picked up one of my psych thrillers. When Joe goes all caveman and burst through the door and finds Quinn the way he does the chills were going up and down my spine. It was genuinely terrifying what had happened to her; then there were the action scenes! It was just incredible! This book was just so much more than what I am used to from Tracy Lorraine. Once again, she has blown me away and pushed herself above and beyond and written a belter of a story! This was up there with some of the blockbusters that I read. It was a full-on story, not just a steamy romance.
I’m quite sad, though, as this was the end of the forbidden series, and I feel like it is the end of so much more as the forbidden series is an extension of the falling series as Ben was a peripheral character in those books. So, this journey has been going on for so long, and it has come to an end. I felt like the end of this book was a happy ever after for all of those books. I was feeling very emotional; it was great that all the characters from the forbidden series came together. It was like a reunion.
This was an absolutely fantastic read and a fitting end to the series; it had a beautiful conclusion and a magical happy ever after. Thank you for bringing this world into existence!

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Chasing Temptation
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
15th January 2020
Date Finished
16th January 2020
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