Break: B.A.D INC #5 - Tracy Lorraine and Angel Devlin

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Official Blurb:

Mine no more.
I thought my heart beat for Jackie Chambers, but it was just a placebo effect.
As I return to B.A.D. Inc, I’m a changed man. Ready to face the future on my own, to find out who Oliver Ward really is and stand on my own two feet for the first time in a long, long time.
Yet I’ve only been at work one day when Zoey comes crashing into my life.
The chemistry between us is undeniable and as I reveal my true self—my dark side—Zoey only seems to light the way.
Could I really have found the woman for me, or is it just another dangerous obsession?
Then I find out she’s not who I thought she was.
And now I will test her.
Mine to punish. Mine to desire. Mine to… love?

My Thoughts:

I’ve really loved this series; it’s been so dark and grown-up; I’m sad to see it end.
In this final instalment, we get Oliver’s story and happy ending. We saw him as a troubled individual in the book before this one. He came across as creepy and obsessive. However, after a few months in therapy, he has emerged as a new man. He is ready to move on from Jackie and let her go and live her life. He now needs to find his way and do whatever it takes to make himself happy. Enter Zoey.
I squealed slightly when I turned the page into chapter two and saw who the narrator would be. She’s been present in the past books and seems like such a lovely person, so I was happy for her to get a starring role.
However, not everything runs smoothly throughout the book. It would be not very interesting if it did. There are secrets and betrayal and plenty of action to keep you turning those pages to see how the characters would cope with everything thrown at them. Some of the storylines felt a little rushed and not as developed as I had become accustomed to with this series. Nevertheless. with it being the end of a series, everything is wrapped up nicely, and nothing is left lacking.
There are plenty of sexy moments throughout the story, and Oliver hasn’t completely given up the dark ways that he indulged with Jackie. I was quite surprised that there weren’t any blush moments until 35% of the way into the book. The authors were very restrained and allowed us to get to know the characters and get a feel for the story first.
This has been a fantastic series, and Oliver’s story had a fitting end for all of the characters. It feels like an age since I read Deacon’s story. I’ve just looked it up, and it was March last year, so it has been a year’s journey with these characters, and they will be terribly missed.

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Break: B.A.D INC #5
by Tracy Lorraine and Angel Devlin
Date Started
18th March 2021
Date Finished
20th March 2021
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