Blast From the Past - Ben Elton

Blast from the past

Reading Challenge Category: other books (A book about the Past)

Official Book Blurb:

It's two fifteen a.m., you're in bed alone and you're woken by the phone.
Your eyes are wide and your body tense before it has completed so much as a single ring. And as you wake, in the tiny moment between sleep and consciousness, you know already that something is wrong. Only someone bad would call at such an hour. Or someone good, but with bad news, which would probably be worse.
You lie there in the darkness and wait for the answer machine to kick in. Your own voice sounds strange as it tells you that nobody is there but that a message can be left.
You feel your heart beat. You listen. And then you hear the one voice in the world you least expect . . . your very own Blast From the Past.

My Thoughts:

I’m really torn on this one as it ended amazingly and made me think about it for a few days afterwards, but it had a few weak points. Some of the bits where they go back in time and talk about their ideologies were a little uninteresting. I understand that it was building the differences between the characters and to the ultimate reason for ‘the blast from the past’. However, I felt it was a bit too in your face when all I really wanted to do was get back to the bedroom to see how the story was going to unfold.

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Blast From the Past
by Ben Elton
Date Started
2nd January 2018
Date Finished
4th January 2018
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