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Baby got back

Reading Challenge Category: Free from Authors

Official Blurb:

It’s Stacy’s five-year college reunion—and the theme this year is Midnight Pool Party.
When she sees Dean McAdams at the bar, she knows she should run away.
Dean broke her heart once.
She’s not up for round two.
He used to call her his baby … she’s not falling for his lines again.
But Dean came to this reunion with one goal: Win Stacy back. For good.
The party is bumping, the music is loud, the sky is dark.
Maybe it’s time baby got back together with Dean.
At least for one night...

My Thoughts:

This is such a brilliant concept to have each author from the Flirt Club write a chapter each. It worked so well, and the transition from section to section was smooth, and if I hadn’t have known, I wouldn’t have thought they were written by different people.
I did keep wondering how they had worked it out to work so well, so this distracted me a little from the story. I also wondered how it was decided who would write which section.
However, once I put these thoughts to one side, I enjoyed the story of Stacy. I’d only read one of the Halloween Honey books, so I hadn’t realised she was a main character across the books. However, this didn’t matter as it was a stand-alone book just about her.
It was overall, very enjoyable (except the use of ‘baby’ all the time, that felt a little cringy!). I felt the passion between Stacy and Dean and was happy they were able to sort everything out and live happily ever after.

Baby Got Back
by Flirt Club Authors
Date Started
18th March 2019
Date Finished
18th March 2019