After You Left - Carol Mason

After you left

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Official Book Blurb:

You want to know what the worst thing is? It’s not the embarrassment, or the looks on people’s faces when I tell them what happened. It isn’t the pain of him not being there—loneliness is manageable. The worst thing is not knowing why.
When Justin walks out on Alice on their honeymoon, with no explanation apart from a cryptic note, Alice is left alone and bewildered, her life in pieces.
Then she meets Evelyn, a visitor to the gallery where she works. It’s a seemingly chance encounter, but Alice gradually learns that Evelyn has motives, and a heartbreaking story, of her own. And that story has haunting parallels with Alice’s life.
As Alice delves into the mystery of why Justin left her, the questions are obvious. But the answers may lie in the most unlikely of places…

My Thoughts:

This was a really sad book.
From the book blurb I wasn’t sure what to expect, had Justin been forced to leave Alice and Evelyn was the instigator? However, Evelyn didn’t play a part in Justin’s story, only Alice’s. I didn’t guess the reason why Justin left and to be honest I thought the way he went about the whole thing was pathetic. I understood he needed to do it ultimately, but he could have talked to Alice the day after their wedding and not gone on honeymoon!!!
I saw the other ‘twist’ coming though, and it was this and Evelyn’s story that is told throughout the book that made the book so heart-wrenchingly sad, think ‘The Notebook’ sad! In fact, it was very similar to ‘The Notebook’ especially as Evelyn had written her story as a novel and read it to Eddy. However, this didn’t make a difference to how I felt about this book. I really enjoyed it and it still really touched me as this nasty disease really could happen to anyone or anyone we love!

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After You Left
by Carol Mason
Date Started
5th June 2018
Date Finished
6th June 2018
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