Accidentally in Love - Belinda Missen

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Official Blurb:

In the space of a week, Katharine Patterson has quit her job, decided to move back home, and broken up with the guy she thought was the one.
No big deal.
Because Katharine has a plan. She’s going to open her own art gallery, just like she’s always wanted. What she’s not going to do is worry about boyfriends.
Then she meets Kit, a handsome and talented local artist. He might be the most stubborn person Katharine has ever met. He might also make her feel like no one ever has before.
And Katharine might be about to fall accidentally in love…

My Thoughts:

I’ve been reading lots of Thrillers lately, so I really needed a soft and fluffy romance to float through. This was the perfect choice. It was light, fun and easy to read.
The story was brilliantly developed, and you really feel as if you are on the journey with Katherine. I wanted to be in that gallery helping her organise, it sounded like so much fun, and I had a million ideas to help her. I’ve been trying to persuade a friend of mine to do this for years, but for the moment she prefers the 9-5.
The characters were great, really spunky and feisty. The only thing that got to me a little was the 180 that some of them did with their personality. I’m not sure if my mind wandered when Kit was changing his attitude, but it felt like it happened at the click of a finger. I was like “huh, did I miss something as he’s a completely different person than he was a second ago”. John and Lainey also went through smaller personality changes; it seemed they had different personas for certain parts of the storyline. It was as if they changed to be the way they were supposed to act rather than staying true to the personality that had been already developed for them. I’d rather they had been steady in their portrayal.
There were a few teeny plot holes, nothing major that made enough of an impact for me to remember but small things that left me wondering “when did she start holding that” or “how has she the time or money to do that”. These may have been ironed out in the final proof, but with them being so small they may have been overlooked. It didn’t ruin the story in any way I’m just super sensitive to these type of things.
So, overlooking these few very minor faults, this was a brilliant book to float away on and enjoy. It was the perfect antidote to all the thrillers I’d been reading and had just the ideal recipe of ups, downs and happy ever afters.

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Accidentally in Love
by Belinda Missen
Date Started
7th September 2020
Date Finished
10th September 2020
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