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What next for reading?

I’m coming to the end of the two reading challenges that I’d set myself; I only have four books left to read! I’ve been super speedy as I never expected to have them done this soon in the year so I need to start thinking of other books to read to keep me occupied so my blog posts of books might start veering off list for a little while.
Three of the four books that I have left have follow-on books, and this is the main reason I have left them until last, in case I enjoy them and want to read the sequels. Additionally, I want to read the second Katie Piper book as I really enjoyed reading her victory and courage against the terrible act that was done to her.
So instead of ploughing on and finishing my reading list, I am going to intersperse my reading with sequels and other random books I find along the way. I am very keen to read another K.L. Slater book as it feels like ages ago since I read 'The Mistake' at the beginning of January and discovered a new author. So one of hers needs to be read as does another by Clare MacKintosh.
I believe a favourite author of mine, Rachel Schurig is going to be releasing a sequel to a series of books I have read in the past soon. I’m often an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) reader for her. This is where you get a free copy of the book in advance, and you leave a review of the book by release date for her on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble etc. for her. So I have that to look forward to.
Once I’ve done all the sequels and a few fun books I might have to look for a new challenge to keep me on my toes and to keep me choosing different types of books. I did come across one that had 52 books on it when I was looking in December. I remember thinking 52 books that’s too many, but with the speed, I’m reading at the moment that would be a piece of cake, so I might hunt that down and see what kind of genres that has on it!

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