The first book you come across on Amazon / library/ bookstore

This is the perfect category of the Reading Challenge to allow a little bit of creative licence! 'The first book you come across on Amazon / in the library/ in the bookstore' will enable you to choose a book that you WANT to read whilst at the same time being one that is entirely new to you. Either widening your horizons in genre or finding a new author.
The reason you can get a little creative with this category is that you can walk into your library or bookstore and go to your favourite section to find this book. How you want to do this is entirely up to you, do you want to just reach out and grab the first book, or do you want to see which one catches your eye. So literally choosing a book by its cover! No one expects you, though, to walk into the bookstore/library and literally read the first book you see. This could be quite dangerous and leave you reading a history book on the Vietnamese war, which is ok if you like history books on war, but not if you don't!
I personally chose my book from Amazon (as I read Kindle books rather than physical books.) Here, again, you can be a bit innovative as Amazon has a section 'recommended for you', meaning you are most likely to get a book you are going to enjoy. Whereas, if you went straight to the Kindle store and grabbed the first book you saw, you could end up reading a recipe book! So you have some options for how you want to find your book, and I've put a simple guide below to help you!

Firstly go to your Amazon homepage. In the search box, write nothing but change the category to 'books' and hit enter:

Screenshot 4

This will bring up a page with a myriad of choices:
There will be 'featured deals', 'best sellers', 'recommended for you' and lots more. You can then go into each of these lists and see what the first book is. If you like the look of it, this is your pick. If not come out and try a different category! Creative licence!

Screenshot 5

This really is an excellent category for flexibility and finding the right book for you! Good luck and let me know what you got! I was fortunate as the first book in 'recommended for you' when I chose my books back in December was 'The Birthday by Carol Wyer'. I thoroughly enjoyed it along with the following two books that came out this year!

See my review here:

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