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Reading Challenge 2018

I have been doing a reading challenge for the past two years, and this year I have decided to keep a blog about each of the books. I find that as time goes on, I forget about how I feel about books that I have read. So I thought keeping a log of them would be a nice reminder. The list I get is from another blogger called the Modern Mrs Darcey, the link can be found here, and it really makes you step out of your usual comfort zone of books that you would typically read. Over the last two years, I have discovered a couple of new authors by doing the challenge and found that the books that I would have expected to hate were, in fact, the ones I enjoyed the most! So this year’s books are:

Reading Challenge:

  1. A classic I’ve been meaning to read: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - L.Frank Baum (not been meaning to read any classics but this one is quite small and free on Amazon so….)
  2. a book recommended by someone with great taste: The One in a Million Boy - Monica Wood (I took the recommendation from the woman who set the list as I read a few books recommended by her last year and loved them, her blog can be found by searching for the Modern Mrs Darcy.)
  3. a book in translation: The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson (always fancied watching the film so will give the book a go first)
  4. a book nominated for an award in 2018 (really struggling with this category, as not sure what are classed as ‘official’ awards or when books are nominated, so will hang fire on this category and find a book later on for this one)
  5. a book of poetry, a play or an essay collection; Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - J.K Rowling (I hate poetry, so this one was a no-brainer really)
  6. a book you can read in a day: The Road - Cormac McCarthy (only has 268 pages)
  7. a book that has more than 500 pages: Outlander - Diana Gabaldon (I’ve heard good things about the tv programme and the books, so fingers crossed with it being a big one!)
  8. a book by a favourite author: Sunshine at the Comfort Food Cafe - Debbie Johnson (just a good chewing gum for the brain book)
  9. a book recommended by a librarian or indie bookseller: The Mistake - K.L Slater (My bookseller is Amazon, so I let them recommend this one to me)
  10. a banned book: Are you there God? It’s me Margaret! - Judy Blume (I loved Judy Blume as a kid, and my mum banned me from one of her other books ‘Forever’ which I did as part of the 2016 reading challenge)
  11. a memoir, biography, or book of creative nonfiction; Beautiful - Katie Piper (I’m really scared of all the acid attacks at the moment that are happening in London, and this book probably won’t help, but I didn’t want to just read one of the famous superficial people books so thought this one would be a better, more worthy option!)
  12. a book by an author of a different race, ethnicity, or religion than your own: Americanah - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (I read Purple Hibiscus for one of my uni assignments, and it was really good, so hopefully this one will be too!)

12 books just aren’t enough for me as I will get through these in no time, so I set myself another challenge! I wrote a list of 12 other books that I would like to read this year, and then I gave them category titles to go with them they are:

Other Reading Challenge:

  1. A number one bestseller: Into the Water - Paula Hawkins
  2. A book about loss: I Let You Go - Clare MacKintosh
  3. A book about the past: Blast from the Past - Ben Elton
  4. A book about love: Marrying Mr Valentine _ Laura Barnard
  5. A book by a new favourite author: The House of New Beginnings - Lucy Diamond
  6. A book about obsession: The Hypnotist’s Love Story - Liane Moriarty
  7. The first book of a trilogy: Brooklyn Girls (Pia) - Gemma Burgess
  8. A book recommended to you: Tripwire (Jack Reacher 3) - Lee Childs
  9. A book about a wedding: All Dressed Up - Lucy Hepburn
  10. A book about Friends: Faking Friends - Jane Fallon
  11. A book by an author that’s made me laugh in the past: Surprise Me - Sophie Kinsella
  12. A book by an Irish Author: Our Little Secret - Claudia Carroll

So, all in all, I have 24 books to read. I am sure I will be finding more to read along the way, and I will blog about them all here to keep a record of them! If you have read any of them and want to let me know your thoughts I’d love to hear them, so just let me know in the comments section!

Helen x

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