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Pink and Dizzy - New Site

I’ve finally set up my new website as I’ve been posting my reviews up until now over on my academic site. That wasn’t very appropriate, especially when I was reviewing Tracy Lorraine’s books that have very hunky naked men on the cover! So it’s not entirely finished and needs a lot of tweaking by my lovely nerdy web designer of a husband, but I am super proud of everything I have been able to do without his help. I also need to do an ‘about me’ section, but that involves me being photographed, so I keep avoiding that, no one really needs to know about me do they or wants to see my ugly mutt on here, but I suppose I’ll get around to doing it at some point. So my idea for the site along with the reviews of books I’m reading is also to do showcases on authors and their works. I will also be doing themed blogs with book recommendations, so my first one will be spooky reads for the upcoming Halloween. I’ll be sharing any book news that I come across, and I welcome anybody’s comments on anything I post! I really hope everyone likes my new site, let’s live our life in a lovely pink and dizzy world!

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