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Outlander Gone

So I only have one book left to read of my original reading challenge that I started back in January. That is ‘a book that has more than 500 pages’. I originally choose ‘Outlander by Diana Gabaldon’, and it’s been sitting there on the challenge waiting for me to read all year. However, I’ve been putting it off and off, until I’ve come to December and have run out of time and had to start it this month or fail my challenge (not an option!)

I don’t think it was just the daunting length of 868 pages that was putting me off but more the actual story. I just don’t think I fancied it in the end.

Anyway, I don’t like to change the choices that I have made for the ‘proper’ challenges so decided at the weekend to give it a go. I told myself that I needed to read at least 150 pages a day to make sure it didn’t take forever to read and off I went.

Ah, but oh my goodness, I just couldn’t get into it, I gave it two chapters, which is 6% and 61 pages! It just seemed to go on forever talking about pressed flowers and genealogy. It was very boring, but then when some stones started to scream, I knew this book was definitely not for me! I agonised over what to do, as like I said I don’t like to change my mind of the books that I have chosen and I also didn’t know if I was giving up too soon. At the end of the day, this book gets rave reviews and has been made into a series so it can’t be awful!

So I looked into some other books that are over 500 pages and came across ‘Gone by Michael Grant’. I requested a sample from Amazon, this time, just to see what It was like. I was hooked after page two! I couldn’t stop reading, and before I knew it, I’d finished the sample and had purchased the book.

It’s amazing how sometimes books just aren’t right for you, yet you feel like you need to persevere with them. Then when you start one that just grabs you from the start, and you can feel the difference. I’m wondering why I even agonised over the decision to change my reading challenge book in the first place.

So there you have it I am now reading ‘Gone by Michael Grant’ as my last reading challenge book and the review will follow shortly.

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