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24 Books Under £1 Challenge - DONE!

So I’ve just finished the 24 book challenge of books £1 or under from Amazon! I can’t believe how quickly I have read them; it’s crazy, I’m like a machine! What is even more crazy is all the new authors I am discovering along the way! I have read some fantastic books in that batch (and some real duds too!) My TBR list has exploded with my new found authors back catalogue of books! I used to have just a handful of favourite authors, and I used to search for new things of theirs desperately.
Hoping they were going to be releasing new work soon, but now I couldn’t name all the authors I like, and I have to keep a list! So what am I going to do next as I was sat last night feeling a bit lost without a book to read. Well, I do have the 800+ page book left from the January challenge, but I’m saving that for more when I can bunker down in the winter and let it take its grip! Especially as there are 800+ page follow-ons, so if I like it I’ll be lost for months! Amazon is offering Kindle Unlimited free for three months so I thought I would take them up on their offer and start to work my way through my TBR list with the ones that are available through Kindle Unlimited. I also have three books that have been sitting on my kindle for a while that might also lead to even more books once read if I like the author!
I’m going to be a bit daring though and not write a list this time I’m just going to set myself the challenge of reading 24 books that don’t cost me a penny (because I already have them, get given them as an ARC to read or through Kindle Unlimited!). That way, I can be a bit more liberal with my choices depending on what mood I am in and who knows my list of authors might double in the process! Here goes….

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