2018 closing thoughts

2018 Closing Thoughts

I’ve just been looking back over all the books I’ve read this year, and I’m so glad I decided to keep this record. Some of them feel like years ago since I read them, some I can’t remember what they were about, and others have really stuck with me throughout the year. Without this record, I wouldn’t be able to remember half of what I had read!

This has been my best reading year yet, with a final total of 120 books read. My initial goal had been 48, as I think I managed 44 last year, but when I reached 48 quite early on in the year I had to rethink some goals, and it’s also pushed me to read more than I ever thought possible in a year!

The year started off to a flying start with K.L. Slater’s ‘The Mistake’ which I literarily couldn’t put down, and I wanted to end the year with one of her books; unfortunately, ‘The Secret’ didn’t live up to the high standards I’d started with.

I’ve tried to pick just one author and one book to make my No.1 book of the year, but I just can’t do it. Three authors have really bowled me over this year, and they are John Marrs, Clare Mackintosh and Shari Low.

I started off with ‘The One’ from John Marrs and have recommended this to everyone. I then read all of his other books in quite a quick succession and only have his latest release left to read (unless I get accepted for his unreleased book on Netgalley, fingers crossed!)

Clare Mackintosh was just phenomenal, and I still have one more book ‘Let Me Lie’ to read, I’ve been putting it off because I know once I’ve read it there aren’t any more books of hers at the moment to read!

Shari Low, I’ve read three this year, and two have reduced me to tears. Her writing is just so beautiful and really hits the spot. There are so many more of hers to read, but I have to spread them out, or I’d be an emotional mess!

There have been some absolutely awful books as well this year, and I’m learning not just to pick Kindle Unlimited books by the blurb but to read reviews as well as I often agree with the ‘bad’ reviews. I’m not going to list the bad books as I don’t think they deserve the airtime and I’m trying to obliterate the memory of them as well!

So it’s been a fantastic reading year for me here at Pink and Dizzy, and I’ve been preparing my list of books for next year which I will share in the next few days. I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and I hope it is full of books and happiness!

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