An author you've never read before

Some recommendations of authors for you that I'm always singing the praises of, and that I have only discovered in the last 18 months are:
  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie @ChimamandaReal ‏(writer of Nigerian fiction that takes you into a completely different culture.)
  • Georgina Clarke @clarkegeorgina1 (Historical crime fiction about a harlot!)
  • Michael Grant @MichaelGrantBks ‏(The Gone Series.)
  • Cara Hunter @CaraHunterBooks ‏(Crime Fiction written by a very warped mind.)
  • Adam Kay @amateuradam ‏(This is Going to Hurt' is just hilarious)
  • Shari Low @sharilow ‏(A myriad of different genres including romantic comedy and contemporary fiction that will have you in tears.)
  • Claire MacKintosh @claremackint0sh ‏(Brilliant and suspenseful psychological thrillers, but also more recently the heartbreaking 'After The End'.)
  • John Marrs @johnmarrs1 ‏(Amazing and engaging psychological thrillers.)
  • Lianne Moriarty (Author of 'Big Little Lies', all of her books are different and have unexpected turns.)
  • Miranda Rijks @MirandaRijks (Crime fiction.)